Since every burglar is not the same, we put together a list of the 4 most common types and how to deter them.
The delinquent–  This type of burglar will not break down a door or smash a window. They like the easy jobs, the unlocked door, and opened windows. Once in your home they look for something easy and quick to steal. This is the most common burglar. They range from juveniles – young adults.

How to deter a delinquent– Keep your doors and windows locked, this extends to your car as well. This is the type of burglar that walks up and down the street checking car doors as they walk by. Camera systems and bright lighting almost always deters this type of burglar as they do not want to get caught and they are not experienced enough to get around the camera.

The opportunist-
 This type of burglar has more experience than the delinquent and has the motivation. They will take advantage of your open windows, unlocked doors and once in your home, they look for several things with value. You may have seen them around the neighborhood as they wait for the opportunity to enter your home.
How to deter an opportunist- Again, always lock your windows and doors. Install a deadbolt and alarms on your windows as it adds extra protection and don’t leave your valuables out in plain sight.

The prowler-
 These burglars started out as an opportunist and have been promoted to prowler. You may have seen them going door to door as a sales person or wanting to clean your carpets. They will keep in mind which house someone answered and what times someone did not.

How to deter a prowler- Keep the sales pitch to outside your home. This gives them no opportunity to see what you have in your living room and always keep your door closed while speaking with them. Installing a camera system will give you the ability to always have eyes on your home.
The professional- This is a burglar that has years of experience. They know exactly what they are doing and know what they want to steal. They are very careful and premeditate their break ins. These burglars work more commercial and high end properties such as convenience stores, banks, and businesses. The chances of a professional burglar targeting a home is very low.

How to deter a professional-  A good alarm and camera system. They may be a professional, but even the most professional burglar can still be caught.
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