Each week you read about how to protect your family and home, but what are you supposed to do after a break in?

We put together a list of things to do when experiencing a break in.

  1. Do not enter your home.
  • If you come home and you see signs of a break in, turn back around and call the police.
  • Wait down the block, away from harm, until the police arrive.
  • Do not approach or try to stop the intruders
  1. Write everything down
  • Number of intruders
  • Age range
  • Height
  • Race
  • Clothing
  • Which direction they went in

If you have a security camera at your home let the police officers know.

The security footage could help identify the intruder(s).

  1. Once the police arrive and you file the police report
  • Call your insurance company, as flustered as you may be, taking care of this is an important step.
  1. Identify the security weak points
  • Find out where and how the intruder accessed your home.
  • Once you find out where the access point was, you can strengthen it.
  • Check other points of access to your home also, see if anything else needs to be adjusted.

It’s never too late to take the steps of protecting your home and family.

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