In most of our blog post you read about how cameras are a good deterrent, and how we highly recommend getting cameras for your home.

Well this post is all about our cameras.

Recently one of our customers shared with us footage from the cameras we installed. The footage showed a person trying to get in their backyard just after 1 am. You can hear what was said and you can see the intruder. Luckily she was caught before anything was taken or damaged. Unfortunately for others in that neighborhood they weren’t that lucky. The same people who tried to get stuff from our customers home already stole stuff from houses right next door. Those people did not have cameras.

More information about our cameras:
Completely wire free.
Runs off of 2 AA lithium batteries and your homes WiFi.
Viewed on your smart phone.
Get alerts right to your phone when there is motion.
Set certain days and times to have the motion alarm on or set it manually.
10 cameras on one hub.

1 year warranty with our company.
Works great in all weather conditions.

Contact one of our team members to get a quote or hear more! 702-564-5397

Visit our Facebook page to watch the footage our customer shared with us.