Is adding extra deadbolts to your door more secure or a little excessive? Sure adding a second deadbolt will feel like you are a little more secure than just having one but there are better options out there.

Changing out your basic deadbolt to a higher security deadbolt. Most residential and Commercial properties have either a Kwikset or a Schlage lock. You will want to update your grade 3 lock to a grade 1. Our Grade 1 lock is a Mul t Lock deadbolt. Mul-T-Lock deadbolts are the best resistance to bumping, picking and forced entry techniques.

Adding longer screws to the frame helps prevent getting your door kicked in. On most residential homes they just use small screws to attach the plate to the frame. That does the purpose of keeping the plate on the door frame but that is about it. By adding longer screws you are attaching the plate to the door frame and attaching it all to the stud in the wall. Most of the time, when an intruder kicks in your door and get through its from the frame breaking.

Another thing we mention to our customers when they ask what they can do to prevent a kick in is to install a Chain and Flip lock. They are added protection and work great with the longer screws in the frame. They screw into the door frame where the plate for your door knob goes and then goes over the knob.

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