Halloween is one of the best times of the year but it can be a dangerous holiday.
From Ghost and Goblins to real life Monsters, You never know what you are going to run into on Halloween.
Here is a couple tips to keep your child safe this Halloween

If your child is old enough to go alone
-Make sure they go in groups. There is safety in numbers.
-Know what neighborhood they are going in and who they are going with,
-Cell phone charged and with them. Most teenagers have a cell phone, make sure it is charged and they bring it with them.

If you are supervising Trick or Treating
-Get glow stick necklaces or bracelets. Having a glow stick helps cars see the children in the dark, and helps you keep an eye on them. It can also help identify them if you lose sight of them in a big group.
-Put reflective tape on the candy bags. This also helps so cars can see them when its dark.
-Plan out the route you guys are planning to take and designate a meeting place in case someone gets separated.
-Taking pictures on Halloween night is a great way to save memories but keep the phone down while out and about. If you aren’t fully paying attention to your surroundings or which way your child went, accidents can happen.
-Check your child’s candy. Growing up I always thought this was a way for my parents to pick out the best candy, but now I know that you never know what you are getting from strangers.

If you are passing out candy
-Keep the path to the door clear. Its always fun to have it all decorated but keep things off the path, so no one trips and falls.
-Keep it lighted. You can make it fun with fun Halloween lights but keeping the pathway lighted and your door way lighted will help make for a safe and fun Halloween
-Make sure the candy you are passing out is safe and not tampered with.

Its better to be safe than sorry on Halloween.